The Importance of Swimming Officials

Volunteering as an official at Delta Sungod Swim Club isn’t just to achieve your volunteer participation program points. Swimmers work hard and train to compete; officials are needed to provide these competition opportunities, whether at our home meets or meets at other pools.

·         Being an active official and volunteering your time whether your club is the host or not, will help our swimmers in their development

·         The goal of any volunteer or official is to contribute to a fair, safe and positive environment

·         To ensure fair competition we follow a rulebook. For most competitions that will be the Swimming Canada rulebook

·         Officials applying the rules in a fair and impartial manner and communicate their interpretation effectively

The typical path of officials certification and experience is:

Many parent volunteers choose to remain at the stroke & turn level. However, for interested volunteers, there are several other more advanced roles:

Once an official is experienced in all of the above roles, they may choose to continue to the role of referee, which is the official with the most authority on deck and is responsible for the entire meet.

We offer several Timekeeper and Stroke & Turn clinics throughout the year – check our events page for more information. If you’re interested in any of the more advanced roles or have any questions, please email our officials director: