Swimmer of the Month: October

November 1, 2021

Wow! What a great month October has been for DSSC! With countless best times, new divisional/provincial standards, new club records, and record-breaking attendance for the Fun Meet, October was just too sweet! 

This month, the coaching staff was looking for athletes who demonstrated Bravery. The athletes who won Swimmer of the Month (SOM) for October exhibited bravery when faced with a difficult situation or set during practice. This athlete was always willing to give anything a try and was never scared by a challenge. 

Congratulations to the below athletes! 

Learn to Compete Introduction

Victoria Buchanan: Congratulations Victoria on being the first swimmer of the month for our LTC intro group! Bravery was the theme this month and she showed that at her first-ever fun meet. Even though she was nervous about the races she pushed through and tried her best each time and even dived off the blocks. Keep up the great work!

Learn to Compete White

Caiden Fawcett: This was Caiden's very first year with our swim club and he has shown a great attitude around the pool, before and after practices. He is always up for a challenge and works hard each practice with no conflict. Great work and congratulations Caiden!

Learn to Compete Blue

Dwitik Sharma: This past month Dwitik has shown that through hard work he can accomplish great things. We have been working a lot on driving off the blocks this year. At the fun meet, it was so exciting to see him dive confidently off the blocks, I am so pleased to see the improvement! Amazing work! 

Novice White

Mateo Pecotic: Mateo has been challenged to lead his lane on a more regular basis while increasing the amount he is swimming. With the more demanding training and regular fast swimming we are doing in practice he has stepped up with an aware and aggressive attitude. It has been great to see his swimming strengthen as he bravely approaches all his new training. 

Novice Blue

Mia Bruneau: Mia has been able to attack every set she’s given in practice. She is always excited to race and never backs down from a challenge. Her bravery to train hard has helped achieve her LMR time quickly this season. 

Regional Mon/Wed

Joshua Dhesi: Josh is always excited and prepared for practices! He has always been a diligent and positive swimmer, even when learning new strokes for the first time he is always ready to try it out. Josh's bravery to try new things is amazing to see in the pool, and very impressive, great job!

Regional Tues/Thurs

Asha Dhillon-Larson: Asha is new to the club this season and in only two short months has already learned so many new skills. The bravery I see from her is not being scared to make a mistake as she learns. With all the new skills it can be a lot but Asha keeps on pushing! Way to go, Asha!

Junior Development

Evan Rai: This past month Evan has done an absolutely spectacular job. As this is Evan's first year in a competitive group, he has adjusted incredibly well to his new training and has taken every skill advancement given by his coach with strides. Evan is a model athlete for bravery, congratulations Evan! 

Junior Performance

Emma Zhang: Emma has been a superstar in October, especially when it comes to kick sets. Whenever Emma was given a task whether it be a skill or time, she always delivered. Emma was always willing to give anything a try to advance her strokes and times. Congratulations to Emma! 

Senior Development

Harleen Rai: Harleen has shown a lot of bravery in practice during October, through her willingness to work. The senior swimmers have been faced with a plethora of difficult sets during October and Harleen has been an excellent example of how to deal with/ work through that difficulty. She has seen a great deal of improvement through this bravery and we hope to continue with this trend! 

Senior Performance 

Max Zha: It has been a long slow grind these past 8 weeks for the Senior groups. We have increased volume from
a 3500 metre average practice all the way up to 6700 metres. In order to get those volumes in swimmers have really had to step up their game, and start swimming their lengths on a much faster interval. These quicker intervals make even the “easier” swimming not so easy. Although every swimmer in the group has had moments of huge bravery, and huge step-ups in the face of
some very, very hard swimming, Senior Performance’s Swimmer of the Month goes to Max Zha. The times this swimmer has thrown down during performance sets have been amazing! Congratulations to Max!

What's Next Month?

November: INTEGRITY 

SOM will be awarded to the athlete that is honest with themselves and coach with their effort/dedication. This athlete may say phrases such as "I feel like I was holding back" or "that was a very challenging set for me" or "that was a fun set to do, but I am happy it is over"