Swimmer of the Month: November

December 1, 2021

November was a great month for the DSSC athletes with many best times and many new LMR qualifiers! Also, congratulations to Gurshaan Sangha who broke the 12&under club record in the 50 breast with a time of 35.4!

Congratulations to all the below athletes who demonstrated Integrity over the course of November! :) 

Learn to Compete Intro

Manreet Johal: Manreet has shown integrity in and out of the pool. During activation and practice she has dedication to the sport. She has put so much effort into all of her swims, keep up the spectacular work!

Learn to Compete White

Oakley Elford: Great work this past month Oakley! It has been a pleasure to see her fantastic swimming. She is very honest and recognizes when she’s not working her hardest. Even when it is a tougher practice she is able to show her new skills, Congratulations!

Learn to Compete Blue

Ariyana Dhesi: Congratulations Ariyana!! It’s been amazing to see her work so hard each practice. She has a great attitude and thrives to swim her best each practice. Even when it can be a difficult day she pulls through without holding back. Keep up the great work!

Novice White

Colbie Deeg: Colbie has been working hard towards her 200 IM and especially on her butterfly. I am proud of how hard she has been working towards this challenge. She has been showing great strength consistently!

Novice Blue

Avery Goksel: Avery shows great effort in all our challenging sets. She stays calm but works hard throughout all the hard stuff. She brings great laughter and support to her teammates and this strength has been great for the whole novice group.

Regional Mon/Wed

Isaac Santos: Congratulations on achieving swimmer of the month Isaac! He is able to challenge and push himself during practice in and out of the water. His effort and positive attitude are great to see in the pool, he is always amazing with feedback to help improve his swimming. Fantastic work!

Regional Tues/Thurs

Simran Virk: It’s been exciting to see Simran's progress this season while being new to swimming. She has been so honest with her effort every practice and the effort she has been showing is making her stronger every day. Way to go!

Junior Development

Olivia Siemens: Oh Roma, Roma, Roma! Olivia did an amazing job this past month pushing herself until her whole body was just completely red from working so hard. Olivia never once backed away from a challenge even when she thought it was going to be difficult for her to do. Her honesty with herself on and off the pool deck was amazing to see. Congratulations Olivia! 

Junior Performance

Grace Bruneau: Grace had a stellar month of November. Grace achieved 100% best times at the Brad Reid Invitational as well as a divisional standard in her 200 IM. Grace did an amazing job pushing herself in November, but also being aware of areas where she can improve. It was very common for Grace when swimming either a race or performing a set to always think back and see where else she can improve. Her honesty with herself, teammates, and coach certainly paid off. Congratulations Grace! 

Senior Development

Arnav Sharma: Arnav was a great example of a swimmer showing integrity through the month of November. He is honest with himself and the coaches on how hard he is working throughout practices. It has been awesome to see his honesty and we hope it continues through the season. Congratulations Arnav

Senior Performance

Kirra Trites: Swimming is hard work! Coming to practice each day, day in and day out is hard. Being able to admit to yourself that something is hard, and then proceeding to commit to the work takes a lot of guts and a lot of integrity. Being able to hold yourself to established values and standards on the easiest of months is difficult, but when you’re thrown your highest volume weeks in your entire swimming career and are still honest with your efforts, it’s pretty spectacular. Senior Performance’s Swimmer of the Month goes to Kirra Trites for her honesty, and self-reflection during the past month. Way to go Kirra!


Whats Next Month? 

December: Joy 

The DSSC Coaching Staff will be looking for athletes that demonstrate joy over the course of December. This athlete has a positive mindset on and off the pool deck with themselves and their teammates. This athlete is always the first individual to cheer on their teammates at a swim meet and exemplifies what it means to be a Delta Sungod swimmer.