Swimmer of the Month: May - Hardest Worker

June 2, 2022


Swimmer of the Month: May – Hardest Worker

As swimmers progress from group to group through DSSC the theme of training is always the same.  Whether you’re in the Learn to Compete: White group, or the Regional Development group or the Senior Performance group we expect swimmers to be honest with their efforts.  The coaching staff expects swimmers to be trying their best all the time.  It doesn’t mean going fast all the time, but doing things correctly with honesty regardless of what the workout is.  Congratulations to all our Swimmers of the Month

Swimmer of the Month for June will be Toughest Racer.  It's the end of the season!  We are going into Championships!!! Why wouldn't we celebrate the kids who like to race the most!?

LTC: Blue: Manreet Johal
Manreet’s hard work this month has been very impressive. She has shown her dedication to do her best by staying focused and improving her swimming.  Manreet’s work paid off huge as she had an amazing Haney LMR meet.  The coaching staff was so proud to see your amazing speed and skills. Excellent work Manreet!

LTC: White: Paulina Jugovic
Way to go to Paulina for doing her best each practice. She started swimming a few months ago and has shown lots of improvement since then! Keep up the amazing effort!

LTC: Intro: Jacob Blonski
Jacob is always ready to work hard each practice and is consistently giving his best effort. He is doing an amazing job working toward improving his swimming. Fantastic work, Jacob!

Novice: Blue:  Aaron Alby
Aaron has been absolutely crushing his practices and meets this month. The hard work Aaron has been showing in all his practices really showed when he raced this month. Way to go!

Novice: White:  Oliver Lee
A month into his new group Oliver has been stepping up to the challenge of swimming in the novice group. He has really improved all his strokes in the last month and has been putting his best effort into all his practices.

Regional Development:  Boris Kamaldin
Boris has shown amazing effort as one of the newest swimmers in the Regional group. He is always ready for the next challenge and has been working hard on learning the strokes. Keep it up, Boris!

Regional Development: Alanna sharma
I am so proud of how hard Alanna has been working this month. She is always at practice with a smile on her face working to be better. She has had so much improvement to her swimming this month and all season. I'm looking forward to seeing her race at the last development meet. Great job, Alanna

Junior Performance: Mia Bruneau
The jump that Mia made from Novice Blue to Junior Performance could not have gone better. She has worked hard the past month on improving her stroke technique in order to get faster. Only a month later we are truly happy with her performance at swim meets and her mental tenacity when it comes to working hard on practice. Keep working hard and great job! 

Junior Development: Olivia Siemens
Olivia always does a great job of trying her best in practice but has been particularly honest with her effort during the month of May. A true sign of how hard someone has worked is how tired they are after practice, and let’s just say that Olivia is often drained of energy after working hard in the pool. Great job Olivia and keep up the great work! 


Senior Performance: Rebecca Soroke
This month’s Swimmer of the Month for Senior Performance has show huge growth in her training, and in her consistency that she puts forth maximum effort.   Rebecca Soroke is Senior Performance’s swimmer of the month based on the amazing fly times she has been consistently dropping in practice, and because of her diligent 9 metre streamline kickouts with no breath on the breakouts that she performs each and every length of the pool.


Senior Development: Daniel Wang
This month’s Senior Development group’s swimmer is Daniel Wang.  He has shown huge growth in all aspects of his swim training.  When Daniel started with the group he was a pretty amazing 50m freestyler (fastest in the Province!).  Through some really hard work, and some real dedication to making improvements his other 3 strokes have progressed in huge ways.  He has also expanded his ability to swim longer distances at high intensities.  The work Daniel has been doing in practice, and the times he’s putting up on practice repetitions are fast!  I can’t wait to see how they translate into racing!

Keep up the great work Daniel!