Swimmer of the Month: March

April 13, 2022

A little late to the ball game, but congratulations to the athletes who achieved swimmer of the month (SOM) for March. March was all about development for DSSC. These particular athletes may have developed their times, skills, mindset, attendance, and or any other development their coach found to be significant. Again, congratulations to the below swimmer's who achieved SOM for development.


Learn to Compete: Intro

Harris Shen: Fantastic work this month Harris! This month's word is development and Harris has showcased how determined and positive he is during practice. Great work on developing each of your strokes and congrats!

Learn to Compete: White

Khloe O'Brien: This month Khloe has been awarded swimmer of the month for development. She has done amazing in developing each of her strokes, but her breaststroke in particular is looking great! Keep up the hard work and dedication!

Learn to Compete: Blue 

Joseph Guan: Congratulations Joseph! He has shown significant development in times during fun meets and pass meets. His technical swimming work has improved greatly as well. It’s fantastic to see him excited and prepared for each practice. Spectacular work! 

Novice: White 

Dwitik Sharma: Dwitik has been working hard on how to race his events. I am very proud of his effort during meets and his continued improvements of learning how to race events. Keep up the great work

Novice: Blue 

Colbie Deeg: Colbie always puts her best effort into practices. She’s up for all the challenges and has been putting lots of effort into racing her best. I am very excited about all her positive work on butterfly and can’t wait to see her race it more in the upcoming months.

Regional: Mon/Wed 

Breanna Yang: Keep up the great work Breanna! She has achieved this month's swimmer of the month for development. Her motivation and mindset have improved great this past month. I am proud to see her working hard each practice, congratulations!

Regional: Tue/Thurs 

Aviral Rohira: Since joining this season there has been so much to learn and Aviral has been doing it quickly and with great skill. I’m impressed with the willingness to jump into fun meets, development meets, and race fearlessly.

Junior Development 

Reet Grewal: This past month Reet has made tremendous progress in all four strokes, but especially her butterfly. Reet always took feedback from her coach and applied it to the best of her ability in the water. Reet would even ask her coach to watch her to ensure she was doing all her skills properly. Congratulations Reet! 

Junior Performance

Charlotte Sibley: March was a great month for Charlotte! Charlotte achieved almost 100% best times at the Delta LMR and changed her mindset which progressed her swimming. Instead of being defeated by the tasks ahead of her, Charlotte simply tried her best each time and recognized how much progress she has made because of this simple switch of her mindset. Just take it one step at a time, try your best and see what happens. Congratulations Charlotte for all your hard work this past month! 

Senior Development

Harleen Rai: Swimmer of the month for March was for development. Development can manifest in a multitude of different ways such as a technical change, a tactical change in how to race, or even a physiological change in how emotions are dealt with on the pool deck. Harleen Rai was an excellent example of development on all these levels. Harleen has been working hard on her stroke technique and is always very coachable. She also has shown a high level of maturity in the way she receives feedback from races and carries it over in her next races. Way to go Harleen and keep up the great work! 

Senior Performance

Max Zha: On a personal note, I loved March’s Swimmer of the Month’s concept: Great Development. It’s so not
specific in its specificity. The coaching staff can target a swimmer that has made some amazing improvements on something that isn’t typical.
This month’s Swimmer of the Month for Senior Performance goes to Max Zha for the way he has started to execute plans that were practiced during training sessions into his races. We have been steadily been making technical changes, and tactical changes with Max’s races. A change in his breaststroke pull resulted in a drop in his breaststroke split in his 200 IM at Provincials, and the focus we have placed on rate-based swimming for butterfly resulted in great 100 and 200 fly swims that same weekend.
Max’s diligence and focus on the right things, over the course of the last 4 months have made those big changes possible.
Congrats Max.

What's Next Month? 


Athletes who bring a water bottle to every practice, dryland, gym session, swim meet, etc. AND drinks their water will be awarded SOM.