Swimmer of the Month: January

February 1, 2022


January sure was a great month for DSSC. In January we had, 3 new club records, 1 new LMR qualifier, and countless new Divisional/Provincial/Western standards! What a great way to start of a new year and a month all about dedication. Athletes who came in January dedicated to making a change to their swimming whether that be technical and or speed based was awarded swimmer of the month. Congratulations to the below athletes!

LTC Intro

Jacob Blonski: Fantastic work on achieving this month's swimmer of the month. This is Jacob's first-month swimming with the club. He has shown much dedication at practices and at our development meet. It’s great to see him enjoying the sport!

LTC White

Max Zarchikoff: Nice work Max! He is a determined and committed swimmer, who is always ready to work hard. It’s great to see the positivity and enjoyment he shows when swimming. Congratulations!

LTC Blue

Taishon Sugrive: Amazing swimming this past month, Taishon! His hard work at practice and the Development Meet showed how committed he is to the sport. He always shows up to practice with great energy and a smile, great work, and congrats!

Novice White

Isaac Williston:Isaac has been focusing on pushing himself to keep going during the ends of sets when the tiredness starts to kick in. His honest effort and determination are shining through. Nice work, Isaac!

Novice Blue

Mia Bruneau: Mia does everything with 100% effort. She continues to push herself on everything she does including securing her LMR champs time this month! There is no set Mia backs down from and she’s always willing to push herself to get better.

Regional Mon/Wed

Alexia Wong: Alexia is always up for a challenge and comes prepared for every practice. Her dedication and enjoyment of the sport makes her an amazing swimmer. Keep up the great work and congrats!

Regional Tues/Thurs

Alanna Sharma: As a new swimmer this season Alanna has really been working hard to learn as much as she can every practice. She has quickly learned how to dive from the blocks and is determined every practice to increase that skill. Way to go!

Junior Development

Gia Johal: This past month Gia made some tremendous strides in the water. Every day when Gia came to practice she was always willing to push herself and took any feedback given to her and completely excelled. Gia always stepped up when asked and helped her teammates along the way if they needed. Congratulations Gia!

Junior Performance

Riya Rai: January was an exceptional month for Riya. New to Junior Performance this season, Riya has taken the new challenges faced in this group with great stripe. In January, it was very common to have Riya constantly asking the coaching staff ways she could improve or to have them watch her specifically to see anything to be changed. Riya always came on the pool deck ready to work, as there were times it was touch and go for her in the water. Congratulations Riya for showing us all what it means to be dedicated!

Senior Development

Gurshaan Sangha: Swimmer of the month for January was to go to an athlete that showed dedication to the sport of swimming and willingness to work hard. For the Senior Development group, that award goes to Gurshaan Sangha. Gurshaan recently moved groups from Junior performance to Senior development. This increase in workload can often be overwhelming to some, but Gurshaan has taken the challenge in stride. Although some days he is sore or tired, he still shows up to practice ready to work and ready to push himself beyond what he once thought possible. Way to go Gurshaan and keep up the great work!

Senior Performance

Arnav Sharma: The urban myth of 10,000 hours to achieve mastery of a skill is quite widely known. Although it is not scientifically proven that 10,000 is the magic number, dedication to one’s craft is very important. Time spent in the water is a significant contributor to high-level success in swimming.

This month’s swimmer of the month for Senior Performance goes to Arnav Sharma who has missed 1 practice in the past 17 months of training. His dedication to his sport, and goals is exemplary. Not only does Arnav come to practice, but he also comes to practice to work hard and improve on the specifics of his own stroke. Arnav recently made the move from the Senior Development group to the Senior Performance group in mid-December and is already impressing the coaching staff with his ability to step up and get work done.

Way to go Arnav keep doing what you’re doing!


What's next Month? 

February: Gratitude 

SOM will be awarded to the swimmer who exhibits gratitude over the course of February. This swimmer reminds themself what they love about swimming especially since February is jam packed with Championship meets. This swimmer may even say phrases such as "I liked that set can we do it again?"