Swimmer of the Month: February

March 1, 2022

DSSC sure had a busy February with LMR Championships, Winter Divisionals, and a Pass Meet! With all the competitions that took place this past month, the coaching staff was really looking for athletes who exhibited Gratitude. Swimmers of the month for February exhibited kindness to coaching staff and teammates along with a general love for our sport. Congratulations to the below athletes who achieved swimmer of the month! 

Learn to Compete: Intro 

Mikela Villacorta: Amazing work Mikela, your work has been fantastic this past month! She has been chosen as swimmer of the month for gratitude because she is always happy and motivated to try her best during practice and activation. This attitude helps make the sport fun and even helps encourage others. Keep it up!

Learn to Compete: White 

Gino Tang: Awesome work Gino! He is a great swimmer who appreciates the sport and is always respectful and motivated towards himself and others. His work this past month has been amazing. Congratulations on being the swimmer of the month for gratitude! 

Learn to Compete: Blue

Aoife Inkster: Congrats on achieving this month's swimmer of the month Aoife! She is a determined and engaging swimmer who is always looking for ways to improve her skills. Her positive attitude and hard work show her love for the sport. Don't stop being great and keep up the awesome work!

Novice: White 

Aaron Alby: Aaron Alby is always smiling! Through the fun stuff, challenging sets and new skills. Aaron has a lot of heart and is always happy to work his hardest in practice. Great job!

Novice: Blue 

Kaia Hall: Kaia Hall has been a great teammate this month. During February at LMR champs, Kaia was cheering and supporting her teammates throughout the whole weekend. She raced other DSSC swimmers and was able to be there from them while being a great competitor. 

Regional: Mon/Wed 

Joshua Dhesi: Throughout this whole season Josh has always been prepared and equipped for practice. He never gives up and always tries his best even when it’s a tough set. Congratulations on being awarded swimmer of the month for gratitude Josh!

Regional: Tue/Thur 

Cindy Lin: Cindy Lin shows honest effort every practice. It has been awesome to see Cindy continue to grow as a swimmer and support her group as she does. keep up the great work. 

Junior Development

Abdulrahman (Abudy) Alhassan: There was no better person who exemplified gratitude in Junior Development than Abudy. This past month Abudy has worked incredibly hard with lowering in stroke count in freestyle and improving his efficiency in butterfly. While these skills are hard to master, Abudy did so with ease and a smile on his face. Abudy was always one to ask for further feedback on hsi strokes from the coaching staff and finished each practice by saying thank you. Congratulations Abudy!  

Junior Performance

Madelyn Paredes Troughton: The biggest change Madelyn made this past month was showcasing gratitude. Madelyn was always the first one in Junior Performance to ask for further help from coaching staff, recognized the importance of hard work in practice and genuinely was just a happy individual. The hard work Madelyn put in this past month was highlighted this past weekend at Winter Divisionals where she achieved two Provincial standards are finished first in both the 50 free and 200 breast. Congratulations Madelyn! 

Senior Development

Jannat Bhangu: Gratitude is something that can not be expressed through words alone. Gratitude can be shown through actions as well and this is how Jannat shows her gratitude towards swimming. Although faced with many challenges being a senior swimmer, Jannat will always be willing to come back the next day and try her best. Jannat will find time between hard sets to still have a smile on her face to show that she is never truly beaten. It is these actions that show us coaches, that someone is grateful and invested in the sport. Way to go Jannat and keep up the great work!

Senior Performance

Akashvir Bhangu: It is always a pleasure to deal with the Senior Performance’s Swimmer of the Month. Regardless of outcomes, his efforts are honest, and he is grateful for the time he gets to spend with his coaches and team mates. Akashvir Bhangu has been swimming since 2012 with our club, and each year he learns a little more and is a little more grateful for it. Funnily enough the more he learns about himself and the sport of swimming, the more he understands what he doesn’t know. It is this that fuels the next set of
reps in the water, the next conversation with his coach, and the next set of workouts. 
His gratitude for the club is shown each day in his respectful interactions with his team, and the encouragement he shows his group during the work in practice.
Thank you to Akashvir for being such an amazing part of our team.

What's Next Month? 


March will be all about Development for our DSSC athletes. Swimmers to showcase significant development in either time, technique, mental mindset and or team spirit will be awarded Swimmer of the Month.