Swimmer of the Month: December

January 4, 2022

December sure was a busy month for DSSC with three swim meets leading into Holiday Break. With many of these meets resulting in best times, new standards, and even trying new events; December was a great month for DSSC. Congratulations to Max Zha for breaking the 13-14yr boys 800 free, 100 fly, and 400 IM and Gurshaan Sangha for breaking the 11-12 yr boys 200 IM club records.

December was all about Joy, swimmers who won for December displayed genuine joy and love for their teammates, sport, and club. Congratulations to the below athletes who achieved Swimmer of the Month!

Learn to Compete: White

Phoenix Hu: Phoenix shows great dedication and joy each time she gets in the water. Her hard work and positive energy help her become a better swimmer each day. Fantastic work on being swimmer of the month for joy!

Learn to Compete: Blue

Ganeev Purba: Congrats on achieving swimmer of the month Ganeev! This month we focused on joy, she is always excited and cheerful during our practices. Great work and improvement this year, keep it up!

Novice: White

Charlie Buchanan: Charlie is always supporting his teammates. Whether it’s a tough set in practice or a race at a swim meet Charlie is always encouraging everyone

Novice: Blue

Gabrielle Wang: When given a challenge I know Gabrielle is going to give a big smile and make it happen. She is always ready to do her best and have fun while she’s doing it.

Regional Mon/Wed

Sarah Maxl: Amazing work this past month Sarah! She always shows great effort and enthusiasm while she swims. It is fantastic to see a passion for learning new things. Keep up the good work and congrats on earning swimmer of the month for joy!

Regional Tue/Thurs

Evan Lemke: Evan brings a positive energy to every practice he attends. He has continue to progress in his swimming while being able to laugh, joke, and have fun with his fellow swimmers.

Junior Development

Mya Huggland: Over December, Mya was a complete joy to be around, watch, and coach. Mya’s focus, especially at the Chilliwack swim meet, coupled with her bright personality resulted in substantial improvements in December. Congratulations Mya!

Junior Performance

Gurshaan Sangha: With December being the last month for Gurshaan in Junior Performance, he did an incredible job. With huge best times, new standards, and breaking a club record, it certainly was joyful to see how proud he was of himself with his progress. Gurshaan brought great laughs, sarcasm, and overall a positive atmosphere in Junior Performance. Congratulations Gurshaan, you will be missed in JP!

Senior Development

Daniel Wang: Daniel was a great example of an athlete exhibiting a joyous attitude during the month of December. Although the senior group had been hit with many difficult practices, Daniel could often be seen with a smile on his face. He keeps himself and his teammates engaged by keeping a positive attitude through hard workouts. This is one of the most lasting and impactful attitudes an athlete can have and is hard to maintain at the level Daniel has shown. Way to go Daniel!

Senior Performance

Jada Evans: It is always a pleasure to coach someone who truly enjoys the work they do day in and day out. Jada Evans is Senior Performance’s Swimmer of the month. Regardless of the event, or the workout, Jada takes immense pleasure in her teammates and her sport. Her enthusiasm at FastSwim her group’s swims was amazing to watch. Her ability to find positive aspects in her own racing, while still remaining critical makes her a great student of the sport. I know that she will take those positive points back to practice and hone them into an even greater weapon in her swimming. Great work this month Jada!

What's next Month? 


Swimmers who demonstrate their dedication to improving either their times or skills. This athlete does not necessarily need to achieve 100% attendance, but when they do come to practice they are 100% committed to making positive changes.