Swimmer of the Month: April - Hydration

May 31, 2022

Congratulations to all our Swimmers of the Month!  DSSC coaches were looking for swimmers who kept well hydrated during their swimming and dryland activities.  Were waterbottles brought to practice?  Were they filled?  Did swimmers sip throughout their practices, and did they rehydrate after their practices?  Hydrating in swimming seems counter intuitive, but dehydration can occur in an aquatic environments.  It takes a bit longer as the water cools the body, but sweating in the pool is very common as body temperatures rise during exercise and sweating is a byproduct of that heat.  We would like swimmers to replace that lost liquid in their bodies during practice by drinking water from their waterbottles.

LTC Blue: Virat Sood
Congratulations on achieving swimmer of the month for Hydration! This month was all about being hydrated and actively drinking water during practice. Virat has done a great job in that as he always has his water bottle to practice. Great work staying hydrated!

LTC White: Laila Aujlay
Laila always comes prepared to practice with all her equipment and a full water bottle. It is great to see her actively drinking it and staying hydrated throughout our practices. Congrats Laili, keep it up!

LTC Intro: Aryan Dhanji
These past weeks Aryan has bought two water bottles to practice and was able to almost drink both of them. It is awesome to see him understand why being hydrated is so important while swimming. Fantastic work!

Novice white: Ariyana Dhesi 
Ariyana has really been impressive with her quick learning and improvements in Novice white. She works hard no matter the set and it’s been really great seeing her getting stronger and faster. Great job, Ariyana.

Nov Blue: Arwin khangura 
Arwin aka “bro” loves to race! He’s been really excited about swimming fast and has been putting his best into all his sets. 

Junior Development: Dev Bagal
This past month Dev has made tremendous strides in his swimming, especially his butterfly. Dev also did a fantastic job ensuring he stayed hydrated. Congratulations Dev!

Junior Performance: Tia Retel
This past month Tia has certainly excelled! Tia has come to every practice and dryland with a water bottle in hand! Congratulations Tia!

Regional: Anmol Sidhu 
Anmol has been working hard on her breaststroke and butterfly swim. The positive energy Anmol has been putting into all her swimming has been great. 

Regional: Saanvi Pandley
Amazing work this month Saanvi! I always see you bring your water bottle to practice, I appreciate the effort you put into bringing it each day. Keep it up and congratulations Saanvi!

Senior Development: Harleen Rai 
April was a tough month of training for our senior groups. When it comes to ensuring health and safety one of the most important this is hydration. Harleen was always aware of this on consistently would be found drinking water. One of the few reasons that is ok for an athlete to leave the pool during practice is to fill up their water bottle. Way to go Harleen and keep up the great work! 

Senior Performance: Kayah Apanowicz
In the Senior program, bringing a waterbottle, and being cognizant of hydration levels during practice is second nature to most athletes.  Every once in awhile swimmers need to be gently reminded about this but giving Swimmer of the Month to swimmers for their water bottle would be super difficult.  Senior Performance needed a tie breaker to decide, and this tie breaker was the management of nerves and the mental side of swimming.  Kayah Apanowicz’s swims at meets over the last month have been solid.  The mental performance side of racing from her has been the best it’s been in such a long time, and it has been amazing to see.  Her results speak to this.  Congratulations on the mental side of your racing Kayah.  Keep up the hard work on this aspect of your swimming, and nice work on your waterbottle :P

Swimmer of the month for the month of May is for Hardest Worker.  We are looking for athletes who continuously step up in practice, manage efforts and stay honest throughout the month.