Swim BC: Head to Head Virtual Olympian Mentorship Program

July 2, 2021

February 2021 

Starting January 21, 2021, 9 DSSC athletes will be participating in the Head to Head Virtual Olympian Mentorship Program! These athletes were selected based on the 2019-20 Rankings Report from the Swimming Canada RTR system whereby athletes with the top FINA points aged 2003 and younger were chosen. 

“Head to Head connects Olympians with the next generation to help Canadian youth be their best - inside and out.  We provide mentorship programs and clinics featuring our Olympian mentors, who share their expertise and experience with youth to inspire them to stay in sport while providing them with first hand insight on the tips, tricks and habits for success.” (Swim BC, 2020) 

Congratulations to…. 
Chloe Meredith Jensen (TAG)
Kira Trites (TAG)
Kayah Apanowicz (TAG) 
Gurshaan Sangha (DAG)
Manraj Johal (DAG)
Jatinder Grewal (DAG)
Jannat Bhangu (DAG)
Harleen Rai (DAG) 
Rebecca Soroke (DAG) 

This 10 week virtual Mentorship program includes: 
•10 professionally created videos from an array of Olympic swimmers
•10 weeks of technical swim specific content from Swim BC covering critical in pool skills, tools and techniques
•Discussion guidelines for you, your coaches, family and teammates to chat about and explore the topics that these Olympians speak on
•Self reflection workbooks for you to implement strategies you hear about, back to your own life, in and out of the pool
•Opportunities to connect with Olympians live on at least 2 scheduled webinar calls, to ask questions, hear their stories and learn about strategies they used to improve themselves! (Swim BC, 2020) 

Click here if you would like to know more about this amazing program offered to our swimmers!