SKSC Winterfest Results

July 19, 2021

January 2020

From January 25-26th 13 senior DSSC athletes attended the Surrey Knights Winter Fest in Surrey, BC. Overall, 78% of the races swum over this past weekend resulted in best times which is extremely impressive for senior athletes. What is even more impressive is; Kayah Apanowicz, Joaquin Aranda, Jada Evans, Parmroop Parmar, Eldon Shen, and Michael Yang achieved 100% best times! 

Head Coach Kurt Murphy was extremely impressed with his senior athletes this weekend as achieving a huge percentage of best times in only the middle of the season for senior athletes is a major accomplishment. 

Micheal Yang (14) achieved his 15 and under BC Championship standard in the 200 back with a time of 2:31.60. Micheal is therefore now able to compete in this event in Victoria come March. 

The top 8 finishers were: 

Kayah Apanowicz (13) 8th in the 50 free, 7th in the 100 back, 6th in the 100 fly, 5th in the 200 IM and gold in the 50 back 

Joaquin Aranda (15) 7th in the 100 breast and 6th in the 200 breast 

Akashvir Bhangu (16) 8th in 100 free, 6th in 50 fly/200 IM, silver in the 200 free/100 back and gold in the 800 free 

Jada Evans (15) 7th in the 100 free, 6th in the 50 fly, 5th in the 100 fly, bronze in the 200 fly and silver in the 400 IM 

Parmroop Parmar (15) 6th in the 200 fly 

Ramneet Sandhu (14) 8th in the 100 free/50 fly/100breast and 5th in the 50 free 

Sarveen Sangha (17) 7th in the 200 IM/200 free, 4th in the 100 breast/50 fly, silver in the 200 breast and gold in the 50 breast 

Eldon Shen (15) 8th in the 200 IM, 7th in the 200 breast, 6th in the 400 free, 5th in the 100 fly and 4th in the 50 free 

Kirra Trites (13) 4th in the 200 fly and silver in the 1500 free 

Marcus Hugo Viloria (13) 4th in the 200/100 breast and gold in the 100 back/200free/50fly/200 IM 

Michael Yang (14) 8th in the 100 fly, and 6th in the 50 free