November 2019: Swimmer of the Month

July 20, 2021

November 2019 SOM

This past month was particularly steller for the DSSC swimmers with countless new LMR, Tier I and Tier II qualifiers! As well as Noelle Evans, Gurshaan Sangha, and Rebecca Soroke (DAG) shattering some club records. 

Below are the athletes chosen by their prospective coaches who exhibited LEGS OF STEEL! 

Mini Dragons I 

Natalie Hall: Swimmer of the month for mini dragons level 1 is Natalie Hall. Natalie has exceeded expectations for freestyle,backstroke and breaststroke kick. She is learning quickly and easily applies any correction given. She is always kicking with a smile on her face. Excellent work Natalie!

Mini Dragons II

Gia Johal: Gia has shown immense progress through this season so far, it is her first year with the club and it has been great to see her grow as a swimmer. This month the focus was legs of steel, she always tries her best and has a strong mindset when at the pool. She always has a great attitude and is ready to learn more. I’m excited to see her use these newfound skills at the next Pass Meet! Awesome job Gia!


Lachlan Munro: The Novice group has been hammering the legs, especially short sprints of dolphin kick. Lachlan’s rate and power during dolphin kick is quite amazing for a boy of his age. His focus on working hard and all-out sprinting on our 8 x 25 dolphin kick going 12.5 meters, 12.5 meters moderate is obvious. Keep up the solid effort Lachlan!

Junior Age Group 

Abdulraham Alhassan: In Jag, swimmers have been focusing on fast 50s in every stroke to build up their 200 IM standards. When Abdulraham does his 50 fly swim he has been working on keeping the strength and speed in his legs to the finish. I'm beyond impressed to see how strong he has become when working during sets,  like crushing a set of 16x50s Fly swim fast.


Rebecca Stewart: Rebecca shows great toughness when working through her Regional practices. From working hard during her November Dryland, which included 100s of Burpees, Squat jumps, lunges...Etc. To 16x25 of all-out FAST Fr kick, this girl has legs of steel and the motivation to keep going when the legs are burning! Way to go!

Cindy Lin: Cindy has pushed her limits with her legs this past month; from squats, lunges, and wall sits to kick sets in the water. She has focused on proper technique and kick stronger and faster. 

Competitive Development 

Barry He: This past month Barry has shown tremendous progress in his kicking. Particularly, Barry has worked tremendously hard on maintaining a 6 beat kick for freestyle which showed at the SFU LMR where he almost broke 30 seconds in his 50 free! Congratulations Barry :) 

Developmental Age Group 

Rebecca Soroke: November as a whole for Rebecca was extremely well done. Rebecca broke 4 10 and under club record and attained two new 11-year-old Tier 1 time standards in her 200 breast and 200 free. Rebecca also has the fastest 400 kick timed in her group. She may be little, but she sure is mighty! Congratulations Rebecca :) 

Top Age Group 

Kayah Apanowicz: Kayah’s breaststroke kick is phenomenal, and it allows her to finish off a very fast 100 breaststroke.Unfortunately, the other strokes’ kicks are not as good. Over the last three weeks, Kayah has been focused on technical changes in the other three strokes’ kicks as well as working on leg fitness. Her effort and diligence in this will make her other strokes much faster. She really does deserve the Legs of Steel Swimmer of the Month award for her hard work. 



The athlete who comes to both meets and practices with the best attitude and team spirit will win December swimmer of the month