January 2020: Swimmer of the Month

July 20, 2021

January 2020 SOM

Wow is time sure flying by! This past month was all about amazing activation for our DSSC athletes. Those who performed exceptional activation not only in skill but also through leadership was awarded SOM. Congratulations to these following athletes. 

Mini Dragons I 

Dwitik Sharma: The month of January is all about activation. Dwitik demonstrates awesome execution with every exercise in our activation. He is always on time and starts activation before I even mention it. His exciting and positive attitude brings joy and laughs throughout the whole group. Congratulations Dwitik! 

Mini Dragon II 

Mia Bruneau: Mia always shows up in time ready to start activation with a smile on her face! Throughout this month all our swimmers have improved their activation but Mia has especially stepped up her game. Even at Pass Meets and Fun Meets she represents our club well with awesome activation! Fantastic work Mia!


Vidhi Sood: Vidhi’s consistency during dryland activation routines has been amazing! She has the program memorized, and independently starts her activity on time! She shows great diligence and efforts in her exercises and the coaching staff knows that those results will show in the water! Well done!


Dev Bagel and Gurman Atkar: There are two swimmers in JAG that are always ahead of the start on a daily basis when it comes to activation. The first on the pool deck to get started and even doing multiple rounds of their specific JAG group activation before they asked. Dev and Gurman lead by showing what a good activation looks like to their fellow teammates. Keep up the great work!


Ameera Johal: Ameera was an absolute treat this month. Every time the clock struck 5:15 pm for her group to start activation she was always the first one up starting her stretching right away. Ameera was always the first one ready with her equipment to get right down to work in the pool. Congratulations Ameera! 


Mannat Bhinder: Mannat is always working her back during activation times. Although she has battled multiple injuries throughout the season she is willing to make adaptations and keep herself moving. A true inspiration and a hard worker!

Cindy Lin: Cindy shows up ready to work. She works hard to ensure her technique is correct and puts her best effort into challenging tasks. 


Vaani Gerwal: Vaani this month performed her activation very well! Every skill she did she executed it perfectly and never waivered with her determination to finish any hard activation Sophie threw at her. Congratulations Vaani! 


Sarveen Sangha: This month’s Swimmer of the Month for Awesome Activation goes to Sarveen Sangha. The TAG group has been speaking a lot about athleticism as a swimmer and how to become a better athlete. Having awesome activation goes hand in hand with this theme and Sarveen has done a great job both in the gym with Coach Lori and on the pool deck prior to practice. Her dryland activities have come a long way over the course of the last 2 years and it has been noticed by both the dryland and coaching staff. Nice work Sarveen!

What's up Next for our DSSC athletes? Well, it's championship Season!! In February there are LMR Championships, Age Group Championships, Provincial Championships, and our February Fun meet! 

What is it next month? 


For February, the coaches will be looking at athletes who do something in Delta which has never been done before. This may be breaking a club record or staying behind to help the coaches clean up or even getting 100% best times in their races over the month. 

Good Luck Swimmers!!