Edmonton Open Results

July 19, 2021

February 2020 

From February 7-9th 8 senior DSSC athletes and Head Coach Kurt Murphy traveled to Edmonton, Alberta to compete in the Edmonton Open. Over the course of this three day meet, DSSC competed in 24 final swims and achieved many personal best times.

The standout swimmer for the meet was Kayah Apanowicz (13) who achieved her Western Time standard in the100 breast with a time of 1:21.04 as well as breaking a Club Record in the 50 breast female 13-14 category with a time of 36.84. Out of the nine events Kayah competed in she achieved over a 50% average for best times and had 4 final swims. 

Marcus Hugo Viloria achieved his Provincial Championship standards in the boys 15& under 100 fly with a time of 1:07.27, 200 back with a time of 2:31.06 and 100 back with a time of 1:08.98. Eldon Shen also achieved the boys 15& under standard in the 100 back with a time of 1:08.42. Marcus and Eldon are therefore now able to compete in these events in Victoria come March. 

Finalists for Edmonton Open were 

Kayah Apanowicz (13) 31st in the 100 fly, 21st in the 100 breast, 16th in the 50 breast and 15th in the 200 breast 

Akashvir Bhangu (16) 24th in the 200 back and 15th in the 100 back 

Jada Evans (15) 27th in the 800 free 

Sarveen Sangha (17) 28th in the 800 free

Eldon Shen (15) 31st in the 200 free, 27th in the 200 breast, 24th in the 100 fly,19th in the 50 back,17th in the 200 back,16th in the 200 fly, and 8th in the 100 back 

Kirra Trites (13) 40th in the 200 free and 20th in the 800 free

Marcus Hugo Viloria (13) 30th in the 100 free, 25th in the 100 fly/200 free, 20th in the 50 fly, 16th in the 200 back, 15th in the 50 back, and 9th in the 100 back