Chilliwack Sprint Starter

October 6, 2021

Spartan Sprint Starter

On October 2nd, 2021, 30 DSSC athletes from Senior Performance/Development and Junior Performance/Development attended the Chilliwack Spartan Swim Club sprint starter swim meet.

This meet was the perfect start to the season as it got the athlete's toes wet for what is to come this season. This swim meet also allowed the DSSC Coaching staff to see all the hard work the athletes had put in this past month as well as see what more works needs to be done.

Congratulations to Grace Bruneau, Madelyn Paredes Troughton, Tia Retel, Armaan Singh Lalli,  Arnav Sharma, Gurman Atkar and Daniel Wang for achieving 100% best times at the meet!

With over half of all DSSC athletes finishing in the top 8, this meet was a great start for the team!

Top 8 Finishers

Kayah Apanowicz (15): 6th in 100 back, bronze in 100 breast and silver in 200 IM

Gurman Atkar (12): 6th in 200 IM, bronze in 100 fly, silver in 100 free and gold in 50 free

Akashvir Bhangu (17): 8th in 100 breast, 7th in 100 back and bronze in 200 IM

Jannat Bhangu (13): 8th in 200 IM and 7th in 100 fly

Grace Bruneau (11): 6th in 100 breast, 5th in 200 IM and silver in 100 fly

Jada Evans (17): 8th in 100 breast and 7th in 200 IM

Noelle Evans (12): 8th in 200 IM, 6th in 100 free and 5th in 50 free/100 breast

Varun Krishna Mohan (13): 8th in 50 free

Chloe Meredith Jensen (15): 6th in 100 breast, 4th in 200 IM and silver in 100 back

Madelyn Paredes Troughton (11): 8th in 100 free and 4th in 100 breast

Isla Pike (12): bronze in 100 fly

Harleen Rai (13): 8th in 100 fly

Riya Rai (10): 6th in 100 free, 5th in 50 free and 4th in 200 IM

Yuvraj Rai (14): 7th in 200 IM

Gurshaan Sangha (12): silver in 200 IM/100 breast and gold in 100 free

Arnav Sharma (14): 7th in 100 fly and 6th in 200 IM

Rebecca Soroke (12): 7th in 200 IM/100 breast/100 back and gold in 100 fly

Kirra Trites (15): 7th in 100 breast and 5th in 200 IM/100 back

Max Zha (14): 6th in 100 back, 5th in 100 breast, 4th in 100 fly and silver in 200 IM

Emma Zhang (9): bronze in 100/50 free, silver in 100 breast and gold in 200 IM

Daniel Wang (14): 7th in 100br/100 back and 4th in 200 IM